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HMS Wager Fraught With Mutiny, Murder and Misery

In 1741, England was at war with Spain and whoever ruled the seas often won the battles.
The prizes for the winner were many, especially when England captured the gold and silver
laden Spanish galleons. This is where the Wager enters the picture: assigned to a secret
mission by the British Admiralty to hunt down and capture a galleon, loaded with treasure, that
was making many trips to Patagonia.

USS Nina Found and Identified

On February 6, 1910, the USS Nina left Norfolk, Virginia, harbor on a dark, windy night, destination: Boston, Massachusetts. Upon reaching the open ocean, eight-to-10-foot-high waves broke over her main deck, but there were no orders to turn back.

Baltic Sea Has Thousands of Shipwrecks

A stretch of the imagination is all you need when scanning a map of the Baltic Sea where you might find a dragon guarding the entrance. Some see it and some don’t. Check out the entrance to the beast’s mouth and follow it just like ships did hundreds of years ago as they sailed to Medieval and Northern European trading posts.